Allen (deja0entendu) wrote in audioeng,

8 Channel Mic Pre (X-Posted to Recording Studio)

I'm looking to buy an 8 Channel Mic Pre around this time next year.
What are some good suggestions?
I'm running a Digi 003 and will eventually buy my own Digi 003 Rack+ for the all balanced connections.
I want some good pres to mic a whole kit with. I'm currently using the Direct Outs of my guitarist's Allen and Heath mixer.

Some things I'm looking for:
Phase Reverse, 48V, HPF, and Balanced outputs.

Right now, the Phoenix DRS8-8 Channel Preamp is looking pretty sexy. But anyone got any other suggestions?

Thanks guys!

(finally, a post that isn't about some lame VST plugin that can't do realtime processing haha)
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